Interior and exterior decoration, near Montpellier, a specialist in home adornment

Art Designer Imagineur, specializing in ornamental elements for interior and exterior of house and furniture and decorative antiques.
The staffs, resins, cast stone, silica up all our creations: cornices, moldings, ornamental ceilings, columns (26 models), sculptures, statues, bas-reliefs and chimneys.

Art designer Imagineur,offers a new concept in the house and gardens: the manufacture of rocks and waterfalls with ponds and water plants.

Thanks to techniques and modern production technologies, we guarantee a quality end product. So our company combines traditional craftsmanship and reproductive technologies to meet all requirements requested.
Parures pour interieur maison Art Designer 34Parures pour extérieur maison Art Designer 34Rochers et cascades pour jardin et piscine, designer hérault